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     At Sweetener Supply, we are committed to maintaining and promoting world-class standards of business integrity. Our company values, which incorporate the principles of social responsibility, guide our relationships with clients, employees and the communities in which we operate. We are committed to protecting our natural resources by continuously improving our energy efficiency, reducing waste and selecting suppliers who share our goals for sustainability.

    We have a dedicated team of employees who meet regularly, guided by our Senior Management team, to ensure our dedication, review our progress and make suggestions for future goals.


  • Energy efficient lighting installed in all of our facilities.

  • Restructuring of our server and storage systems in our data center to reduce power and cooling needs.

  • Installation of UV Pasteurizer for liquid sucrose, replacing high temperature processing

  • Installation of Super Single tires on SSC trailers to improve fuel efficiency

  • Utilization of rail transportation whenever possible (all facilities are located on rail) to reduce highway gridlock, lower fuel consumption, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and reduce pollution.

  • Forklifts at all our facilities have been converted to electric powered instead of with propane


  • Recycling of 99% of the solid waste in our pulp processing facilities

  • Recycling water in our processing areas

  • Implemented a company wide recycling program

  • Spent steel drums are compacted on site to reduced space and improve outbound logistics to recycling facilities 

  • 100% Renewable & recyclable corrugated totes are available for all liquid products

Partnering with the right Suppliers

  • Our sugar partners are committed to promoting green practices in the sugar industry

  • ​Sugar Cane requires few chemicals and only small amounts of fertilizer for successful cultivation

  • GM Sugar Beets (at 100% conversion) will eliminate 1 to 3 herbicide applications and 1 cultivation each year. These few passes in the fields will save more than 1 million gallons of fuel and reduce herbicide usage by 220 million pounds.​

  • All of our pulp providers participate in the Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) to improve sustainable forest management in North America and support fiber sourcing globally 

Sweetener Supply Corporation, "Where Sustainability Comes Naturally"

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