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Ridgeland Fiber

Ridgeland cellulose is a USDA approved functional insoluble dietary fiber that can be used in a variety of applications. Fiber enrichment and calorie reduction for baked good or as an anti-caking and flow agent for shredded and grated cheese


First established in the early 1900’s, The Delicious Foods Products Company of Chicago created a proud tradition in molasses and honey products that continues today. The Delicious name lives on with full line of molasses, honey, brown sugar & powdered sugar. 


The first name in liquid sugar is widely recognized as the industry standard for quality and consistency. Ambersweet has also become the “go to” choice for customers who are looking for a more label friendly sweetener.

Sur Sweet

The most complete line of invert syrups available in the market today which also can be customized to your needs and demands. Sur Sweet is available as a full, medium, or easy to use congealed invert which will will surely become your favorite sweetener.


Ultraclear was developed 20 years ago in response to a change in the industry which was calling for a low color, high purity sucrose. The choice is clear for use in any application where color and purity are required.

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