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Delicious Foods Circa 1920's

     Established in 1908 on the far Northwest side of Chicago, Delicious Foods Company offered a wide variety of sugars, syrups and molasses products to a growing confectionery industry that would help make Chicago the "Candy Capital of the World".

     Fast forward almost 100 years to 2002 when Sweetener Supply acquired the Delicious Foods Company and are proud to carry one the same great tradition that was started over a century ago. Contact us and see how we can help your products become even more Delicious.

Delicious Products

#100 Molasses - Our lightest and sweetest cane juice molasses

#10 Molasses - A medium colored refiner's syrup offering a delicate balance of flavor and sweetness

#150 Molasses - A dark brown black strap molasses with full flavor and moderate sweetness

Painting Syrups - Make your own light, medium or dark brown sugar using one of our proprietary syrups

Coating & Blending Syrups - A versatile molasses syrup light in color but big on taste 

Golden Brown Sugar - A light to medium sugar produced by enrobing granulated sugar with a high quality molasses syrup

Sweet Honey Blend - A cost effectice blend of pure honey and fructose offering an affordable alternative

Light Corn Syrup - Produced with pure vanilla extract, this is the perfect ingredient for a wide range of baked good & confections

Dark Corn Syrup - Made with pure cane molasses and ideal for those traditional family recipes

Relative Sweetness of Sugar


Sweetener Supply, "Where Quality Comes Naturally"

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