Corn Sweeteners

     Much more than just simply a "sweetener", these diverse ingredients produced by the wet-milling of corn (maize) offer a multitude of functional benefits for the meat, beverage, snack, confections, edibles and prepared foods industries.

     Corn sweeteners are utilized to retain moisture in cookies, provide body and texture in beverages and can help produce a golden color in bread and rolls. 





- 24 DE Corn Syrup

- 42/43 Corn Syrup

- 62/43 Corn Syrup

- High Fructose 42

- High Fructose 55

- Dextrose 

- Non-Gmo Dextrose

- Maltodextrin

- Native Corn Starch

- Custom Liquid Blending 


- Food Service

- Pails 

- Drums

- IBC Totes 

- Corrugated Totes (available with heat option)

- Bulk Trucks

- Bulk Railcars  

Tree Black
Plant Based 
Corn Refining Process
*Courtesy of the Corn Refiner Association 

Sweetener Supply Corporation, "Where Quality Comes Naturally"