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Cellulose Fiber

     Cellulose Fiber is a 100% plant based insoluble dietary fiber produced from naturally occurring plant sources. In fact cellulose, is the most widely found natural polymer found in nature.

     Ridgeland cellulose fiber offers a variety of functional benefits to food producers including calorie reduction, fiber enrichment as well superior anti-caking properties. 

Wheat flour in bowl and scoop isolated o

  • 99% Total Dietary Fiber

  • 100% Plant Based

  • Pure white in color

  • Odorless and Tasteless

  • 25 lbs. bags, 50 lbs. bags, 800 lbs. Super Sacs

  • Two manufacturing facilities ​​

    • Wolcott, Indiana 

    • Elkhorn, Wisconsin

Powdered Cellulose for the Baking Industry

  • Dietary fiber enrichment

  • Increased water binding

  • Calorie reduction

  • Yield improvement

  • Neutral taste & color

Powdered Cellulose for the Pet Food Industry

  • Dental hygeine

  • Feline hairball control

  • Dietary fiber enrichment 

  • Calorie reduction

  • Improved structure

Wolcott, Indiana

Wolcott Drone Sunset.jpg

Wolcott, Indiana USA

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