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Terms & Conditions

Purchaser agrees to purchase and receive from Seller the products in the amounts, at the price and the delivery terms quoted and to take delivery in approximately equal monthly shipments within the agreed upon time period specified.  Purchaser further agrees to pay to Seller for all products purchased within the payment terms of Net 20 days from receipt of goods.  In the event that Purchaser does not pay within the terms specified above, then Seller may withhold all future shipments.

This Confirmation of Sale shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the State of Illinois.  Seller shall be entitled to recover from Purchaser all collection costs and expenses, including but not limited to, product costs, shipping costs and expenses, attorneys’ and paralegals’ fees and costs incurred by the Seller. 

The parties irrevocably agree that all actions or proceedings arising out of or related to this Confirmation of Sale shall be litigated only in courts having situs in Cook County, Chicago, Illinois.  Each party hereby consents and submits to personal jurisdiction in the State of Illinois and waives any right such party may have to transfer the venue of any such action or proceeding.


Seller will not be liable for any direct, indirect, punitive, incidental, special or consequential damages for any failure to deliver product, either in whole or in part, when the failure is caused by strikes, work disturbances, acts of God, wars, shortages of materials or disruptions to or shortages of the Seller’s supply chain, impediments of transportation or any other cause beyond the Seller’s commercially reasonable control.  Buyer’s sole remedy for breach of this Confirmation of Sale shall be replacement of the product or refund of the fees paid for such product, as determined by the Seller in its sole discretion.

-  Prices are subject to confirmation & availability and may change at anytime without notice

-  All orders are subject to Sweetener Supply Corporation Terms & Conditions 

-  All orders subject to standard payment terms of Net 20 days from receipt of goods  

-  Credit subject to approval

Accessorial Charges*

Weekend Delivery (requires delivery or loading on a Saturday or Sunday)               - $275 per shipment

Holiday Delivery (requires delivery or loading on a holiday)                                       - $275 per shipment

Changed or Cancelled orders with <24 hours notice from pick up or shipment      - $500 per shipment

Returns                                                                                                                             - $500 plus all applicable freight

Detention charges                                                                                                           - $115 per hour (2 hours no charge)

Pallet Charges (sugar only)                                                                                             - $20 per pallet 

Applicable fuel surcharge may apply                                                                            - Based on U.S. on highway diesel weekley index

*Subject to change without notice 

*Minimum charges 

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