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Liquid Sugars 

AmberSweet Liquid Sugars

The most commonly used liquid sugar which is ideal for a wide variety of food, beverage & confection applications. 67.5% solids & 66.5% solids (West Coast) 

Ambersweet Liquid Blends

Trust Sweetener Supply to deliver custom solutions to your needs. Our team can customize a blend specific to your products and requirements. Blend options including liquid sugar, invert syrups, corn syrups, high fructose corn syrups and molasses 

Sur Sweet 50

The industry standard for partial, or medium, invert syrup which is perfectly formulated for a wide variety of applications. 

Sur Sweet 15

A total, or fully, inverted sucrose syrup where increased sweetness and humectancy is desired.

Sur Sweet Congealed

An easy to use semi-solid invert syrup ideal for use in the baking industry 



Sugar Cane vs. Sugar Beet


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